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About Me

As a photographer, my goal is to capture stories in the form of images.

I am a wife, step-mom, Nana, Christian, and animal lover who loves to travel and be outdoors in nature; capturing every experience with my camera.  

I fell in love with photography when I lived up at Lake Tahoe when I was in my early 30's.  So many beautiful photo opportunities.  One of my favorite photos was of a sunset taken from my deck, with a disposable camera of all things!  I finally bought a real camera (film), and then went digital when I moved back to the Sacramento area.  I took my one and only photography class while living in Tahoe, and learned how to use the darkroom, processing my black and white film and printing my own prints.  I was hooked after the first print!

I worked for Disabled Sports USA in Tahoe.  It was at one of our water-ski clinics that I fell in love with photographing people.  It was so much fun capturing the joy on our client's face when they tried something new and succeeded.  DSUSA's motto is "If I can do this, I can do anything."  Definitely words to live by.  

More Things I love:  Jesus.  My family.  Being able to make someone smile.  Doing anything creative.  Going barefoot any chance I get.  Laughter, especially a baby's laughter.  Big puffy white clouds against a bright blue sky.  Being outside in the fresh air, taking in the beauty around me - seeing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. 

I am honored to have been voted as one of the 6 Best Landscape Photographers in Sacramento by PeerSpace.