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I received my first camera when I was 12.  It was an instamatic with the disposable flash cubes.  Years later, I took my first photography class when I lived at Lake Tahoe - I was hooked when I printed my first image in the dark room!

I am not a technical photographer.  "What makes a picture stunning isn't the gear -- it's the story." - Annie Lebowitz.  My goal is to tell a story through my photography.  In fact, one of my favorite pictures was taken with a disposable camera when I first moved to Tahoe. 

I enjoy photography, because it lets me slow down, enjoy the outdoors, and see ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Some of my favorites:

Jesus, my husband, my family, my goofy puppy, travel, laughter, being outdoors in the fresh air, going barefoot any chance I get, white puffy clouds, sunsets, sunrises, dancing, dancing, dancing...and exploring new places.